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5 Tips to Manage Your Child's Routine During the Holidays

chiropractor smiling at a babyIn this frenetic holiday season filled with parties, shopping, decorating, and visits to family and friends, it’s easy to feel stressed. Kids too experience that stress, particularly when their daily routines are interrupted.

When you have a good routine, there’s a predictable nature to it, which can help your child stay healthy, focused, happy and fulfilled.

Here are some simple ways to preserve your child’s routine and still enjoy the holiday season:

1: Prioritize sleep

The amount of sleep kids need varies with age. Toddlers typically need 11 to 14 hours of sleep a night; preschoolers require about 10 to 13 hours; and school-age kids and preteens need about 9 to 12 hours per night. For teens, 8 to 10 hours is ideal.

If you have little ones, try to make sure they’re home during naptime. When kids miss their regular naptime, they’ll likely be cranky later in the day.

2: Eat on a regular schedule

Eating on a regular schedule helps maintain energy and blood sugar levels. If planned parties or meals interfere with your child’s eating schedule, seek a middle ground whenever possible, and bring along healthy snacks.

3: Dial down screen time

With kids off from school for winter break, they can spend inordinate amounts of time on their digital devices, whether texting friends or playing video games. Sensory overload can occur, and the blue light from the devices can make it difficult to power down before bed. We recommend your children turn off their devices at least an hour or two before bedtime.

4: Bring a bit of home when traveling

Familiarity brings great comfort to kids. If you’re traveling over the holidays, bring comforting items from home. These can include a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

Comfort items from home can help your child adjust to a different environment.

5: Keep your child well adjusted

Getting regular chiropractic care can keep your child’s immune system healthy and strong, and can decrease stress.


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