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Pregnancy Care at Clear Chiropractic

pregnant woman sitting on couch with little girl smilingBack pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, trouble sleeping. A nagging worry about your upcoming labor and birth. If you’re pregnant, you need a team of healthcare providers around you to help you get the most out of your pregnancy and support you emotionally and physically.

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle form of health care that can improve your symptoms and make an impact on your outcome for labor and delivery.

Plus, we’ll help you make sure that your recovery from birth is quicker and easier than you may have thought possible. There’s no better time to start chiropractic care than when you’re expecting!

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There are three different aspects to consider during pregnancy and birth: power, passage and passenger.

Chiropractic works to improve your nervous system, which controls your stress response. With less stress, you have the best chance possible at a natural birth. The passage is all about your baby joining the world. We’ll check your pelvic balance and the ligaments attached to the uterus so your baby’s journey in the birth canal can go smoothly.

Finally, it’s about the passenger-your beautiful new baby. What is good for you, the mom, is good for your baby. Additionally, we are certified in the Webster Technique, which helps ensure Mom’s body is balanced so that birth can go as smoothly as possible.

When you become a patient during your pregnancy, we’ll talk about your wants and desires for pregnancy and birth. With your health goals decided, we can work together to achieve them. You’ll feel emotional support when it comes to having the birthing experience you want. We’ll tailor what we’re doing to what your desired outcomes are.

No matter what you want for your ideal birth, you will have our support and access to our knowledge and resources.

The journey of motherhood starts before pregnancy. That’s why we recommend that women who are considering starting a family get under care. By starting prior to conception, you can ensure your body is in good shape to grow a baby.

We have plenty of women who seek our help before conception or while trying to conceive. It’s no wonder, with how stressful it can be, mentally and physically, to get pregnant. Chiropractic can make sure you’re set up for success by clearing, healing and recovering from injuries you may have been carrying with you for years, or even decades.

How will you adjust me?

We want to adjust you however you are comfortable. There are pregnancy pillows available that will let you lie on your stomach. If you prefer, you can be adjusted facing up or seated. The techniques used during pregnancy are low-force and specific.

What kind of benefits can I get from pregnancy chiropractic?

You’ll feel more comfortable, move better and feel better. Women under care also tend to have better labor and delivery outcomes and a quicker postpartum recovery.

Do I need a referral from my OB-GYN or MD?

No. You can come to the chiropractor at any time without a referral.

Are the scans you take safe for me?

Yes. There is no radiation involved in these scans. The testing is safe, gentle and takes just 10-15 minutes to complete.

Why would I get adjusted during pregnancy?

There are three different goals focuses we have during care, from pregnancy to your postpartum period.

The first is that during each trimester, we want to make sure you have the highest possible level of comfort. The second is to help your labor process go nice and smoothly, which studies show is more likely when you’re under chiropractic care. The third goal is to speed up and enhance your recovery process after birth.

Why is my pain worse during pregnancy?

One common thread we see during pregnancy is the increase of physical discomfort as the pregnancy continues. You can think of pregnancy as a spotlight that shines on existing issues in the body, bringing things to the surface that you may not have even known were there, or had tried to cope with for years.

Plus, as pregnancy advances, your baby grows more, resulting in a shift of your center of gravity. With added weight, your posture can change, too. You might find you develop a pregnancy “waddle.” We can facilitate your body being better able to cope with the many changes happening!

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