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Pediatric Chiropractic at Clear Chiropractic

Every baby deserves to start life healthy. Chiropractic enhances the innate intelligence in a child’s body by unwinding the patterns of stress and tension that are present. From the time they’re born, children are subject to a myriad of stresses, particularly in today’s world. Rather than letting this stress go unaddressed, we can detect it and gently release it through chiropractic care.

Kids Aren’t Immune to Stress

Though children may not complain of the same symptoms adults have, like pain, that doesn’t mean their bodies don’t feel the effects of stress. A baby who went through a difficult birthing process, for example, may be constipated or have reflux. They aren’t sleeping or have been diagnosed with colic. It’s the only way they can express that they’re uncomfortable and feel something is wrong.

As your child gets older, they begin to play or participate in sports. We can clear that stress with chiropractic, allowing your kids to function at their best.

It All Starts At Birth

Did you know that in utero, your child can be affected by your stress? When they make their entrance into the world, more trauma awaits. Even a natural birth means your child goes through the birth canal, squeezing through it to make their appearance. The birthing professional is trained to get the baby out, and will likely tug and pull on the baby’s head, neck and shoulders.

Some common signs that your child may have a problem in their spine include excessive fussiness, trouble feeding or problems sleeping. If you’ve noticed any of those, we recommend that you bring them in for a checkup right away.

The doctors will sit down with you and discuss everything going on with your child and what your goals are for them. Our assessment is extremely gentle for kids and babies. We use INSIGHT scans to measure stress in their body. Depending on their age, we may also do a posture assessment.

The assessment can be done in any position, such as while they sit on your lap or while they’re watching an iPad. We’ll work with them and make sure they’re comfortable during the whole process. On the second visit, the doctors will discuss a care plan for your child and get them their first gentle adjustment.

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One of our favorite pediatric stories involves a child with speech delays. His mother brought him in and he got to know us. On a return visit, he was more than ready to get an adjustment. It was as if his body innately knew what we were doing here was good, and he wasn’t at all concerned about the adjustment. Now, he comes in and is his bright, beautiful, expressive self.

Another child had trouble with bowel movements. There was so much pain involved that she became afraid to use the toilet. After an adjustment, she had immediate relief and was able to go #2. From that point on, she was no longer afraid of going to the bathroom.

Is adjusting a child similar to adjusting an adult?

No. A baby or child’s body isn’t developed like that of an adult. The pressure needed to adjust a newborn, for example, is about the same you’d use to test the ripeness of an avocado.

What if my child feels uncomfortable getting adjusted?

We will never rush your child’s first adjustment. This is a long-term relationship, so we work to build trust with them. They can watch Mom or Dad get adjusted, even helping with our play adjusting tools. This is going to be a fun, enjoyable experience for your kids!

Is there anything I should bring with?

If your child is in diapers, bring an extra one! It’s common that babies have a blowout just after an adjustment, once things get moving and the body begins working as it should.

Do you crack the spine?

It depends on the age of the child, their needs, and their comfort level. When it comes to caring for children, we have tools and techniques that involve no popping, twisting or cracking.

Why should I bring my child to a chiropractor?

You know what to do when your child is sick. But what are you doing to keep them healthy? Chiropractic can make sure they adapt to stress, such as wearing a backpack, falling off a jungle gym or the emotions involved in a divorce, amongst many others.

My teen has bad posture. Can you help?

Yes! We have a strong focus on posture for every patient. We won’t just help improve posture-we’ll teach your children WHY posture matters and what they can do about it. Additionally, it’s common that teens experience anxiety and depression, thanks to hormone fluctuation. We can make sure their system is at ease so they can handle stress without exploding or experiencing mental challenges.

Can you do anything for growing pains?

Some aches and pains are a part of life. IF your child’s body is growing in an imbalanced state, it will express itself with pain, dysfunction, poor posture, asthma, allergies and other symptoms. Think of the saying, “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” With chiropractic, we can work to make sure your child remains healthy and doesn’t experience these symptoms.

Welcome To the World checkup

It’s never too early to have your little one checked to help them unwind stress from the birth process. Let’s make sure they start their health off on the right foot. Contact our team now to schedule your baby’s first checkup!



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