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First Trimester Tips: Embrace the Slowdown

pregnant woman on edge of bedIf you’ve ever been pregnant before, you know it’s not uncommon to feel like the proverbial truck hit you. Your energy is zapped, your body is doing massive heavy lifting internally to grow your vital organs, and it’s laying the foundation for the baby’s growth. Your body is expending tremendous energy, though you don’t see it on the outside.

It’s likely you are keeping the same expectations for yourself, as far as what you accomplish in the day, and others—who are not privy to your good news—will also expect you to keep up with obligations and responsibilities at the same level for which they become accustomed.

We’re here to tell you, your first trimester is the perfect time to embrace a new mindset and put the health of your baby — and yourself — first!

Allow Yourself a Slowdown

There is a mismatch between the way people feel in the first trimester and what the world sees. Before you show, people aren’t opening doors for you, telling you to put your feet up, or “allowing” you rest. Instead, others don’t understand why you’re so tired.

Additionally, we can be our worst critics of our performances at work and home, and many of us derive our self-worth and self-value off our careers or managing our homes—and our ability to show up and produce.

It’s time to switch your mindset and let go of other people’s expectations during your first trimester. Be your own advocate, and take the time your body tells you it needs to rest. You are creating amazing things, and your body needs time each day to regroup and reset.

Trust the Signals Your Body Gives You

In your first trimester, you must trust what your body tells you and give it the rest it craves, while giving yourself the mental permission to slow down. Setting yourself up well in the first trimester will only better serve you throughout your pregnancy.

You may get an influx of energy during your second trimester, and then your body may tell you to slow down again in your third. Having consistent times of rest will keep you better balanced along this rollercoaster of energy.

Honor Your Body and Pregnancy

Slowing down and establishing a healthy pace of life in the first trimester is not lazy or taking advantage of pregnancy. There are many benefits from establishing this consistent, slower pace. We need to honor our growing bodies, and all the important work they’re doing.

Ensure you’re keeping yourself well-rested and comfortable, now and throughout your 40 weeks, for a healthier pregnancy.

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