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Giving Postpartum Mothers the Vital Support They Need

mom kissing newborn babyThe journey of parenthood is both joyful and challenging. Having a supportive partner by your side can make the transition easier and more meaningful. When it comes to postpartum recovery, partners can help new mothers adjust to their changing roles and responsibilities.

Lending Emotional Support

One of the most significant ways partners can assist new mothers is by providing emotional support. The postpartum period can be overwhelming, and experiencing a range of emotions is normal. Partners can actively listen, offer words of encouragement, and reassure the new mother that she is doing an incredible job. By being a compassionate listener and providing a safe space to express feelings, partners can help alleviate the emotional burden and create a supportive environment.

Promoting a Comfortable Breastfeeding Environment

“We say to our breastfeeding moms that your partner can bring you your nursing pillow, help get you set up and comfy, and they can pass the baby over to you once you’re in place and comfortable,” said Dr. Eva.

Your partner can also bring you water or snacks, and just sit with you during the feeding.

Helping With Household Responsibilities

After giving birth, new mothers require ample time and energy to heal and bond with their newborns. Partners can lighten the load by taking on additional household responsibilities. From cooking meals and doing laundry to cleaning and running errands, sharing these tasks ensures the new mother can focus on her recovery and the needs of the baby. A clean and organized home environment can also contribute to a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere, benefiting the entire family.

Encouraging Rest and Self-Care

It’s not uncommon for many new moms to neglect their own well-being as they prioritize the care of their newborns. Partners can actively encourage and support their spouse or partner in practicing self-care and getting the rest they need. This can involve taking over baby duties for a few hours, allowing the mother to rest, take a bath, or engage in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. By helping create space for self-care, partners contribute to the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

Bonding Through Babywearing

Babywearing is a beautiful practice that provides many benefits for both parent and child. This practice creates a close physical bond, enhances emotional connection, and promotes the release of oxytocin, the love hormone, for both the baby and the wearer. It also allows partners to be hands-free while keeping the baby close, allowing them to participate in daily activities or provide soothing movement for the infant.

Dr. Eva was happy when Dr. Joe learned how to practice babywearing. He’s been able to wrap their baby Rocco if they’re going for a walk to take that load off of Dr. Eva’s body. “Or if we were out and about him being the default to carry that major load, when it was an option, was an enormous help,” said Dr. Eva.

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