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Helping You Have a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

Mum at prenatal self care with doctorAt Clear Chiropractic, we love seeing pregnant moms. If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably seen plenty of expecting women. It’s a passion for us to serve during this particularly special time of life. Pregnancy simply isn’t like anything else! With it comes a constant stream of physical and emotional challenges.

There’s the physical stress involving your center of gravity shifting and carrying around more weight. On top of that, you might be taking care of other children or working. Let’s face it: a stress-free pregnancy is probably not possible. There are always multiple plates that women today are spinning. But what we can do is help you better cope with that stress, enabling you to be more comfortable during pregnancy.

Old and New Injuries May Come to the Surface

One common thread we see during pregnancy is the increase of physical discomfort as the pregnancy continues. You can think of pregnancy as a spotlight that shines on existing issues in the body, bringing things to the surface that you may not have even known were there, or had tried to cope with for years.

Some are old injuries from childhood falls or trauma from high school sports. If these issues never healed properly, they can return during pregnancy. The hormone relaxin makes your body soft, preparing the pelvis to open up and make way for baby. We see plenty of moms who lose stability, causing pain.

Whether the pain is old or new, we can help make your pregnancy easier for your body.

You might also notice that your posture isn’t quite the same as it used to be before you got pregnant. Most moms experience that pregnancy “waddle” in the third trimester. Your body and posture muscles are trying to accommodate changes, and we can help facilitate that.

Designing Your Perfect Birth

There’s another critical role we play in providing care during pregnancy that doesn’t actually have to do with getting adjusted.

It’s being a sounding board and resource for you. Let’s explore what you want your birth process to look like and feel like. Each mom is unique, and we’re not here to judge or pressure you. We honor and respect your choices and will help you by being a sounding board for your questions or when you want advice.

If you are looking for quality resources around birthing, we have plenty to share with you. You’ll get our unbiased view of what we’ve seen with other women and pros and cons of any given choice.

We’ll be here to help you move smoothly through pregnancy and get ready for your baby’s exciting arrival!

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