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How Babies Born During the Pandemic Are Affected

doctor adjusting baby boyWhile the entire world experienced upheaval during the pandemic, there’s another population of people impacted: kids, particularly those born during this unsettling time. Many of these children are struggling due to the stress that their mothers felt throughout their pregnancies.

Many Forms of Stress

A mom’s physical, mental and chemical stressors affect not only how she feels during her pregnancy and how her body functions but how her baby develops.

Are they getting the proper nutrient supply and proper oxygen supply?

Are they in a constant state of picking up on mom’s stress hormones?

During stressful times, a baby may perceive the world around them as being dangerous.

Common emotions pregnant moms may experience during the pandemic are frustration, anger and even fear. There’s also a lot of uncertainty for pregnant moms. Maybe their prenatal appointments were changed or they were unable to give birth with all the family members they had wanted there for support.

Moms may have concerns about bringing a baby into the world during such an uncertain time. So it’s understandable that considerable stress is present for moms during her pregnancy.

The Impact on Baby’s Development

A mom-to-be’s physical, mental and chemical stresses impact her baby’s development and also how labor progresses. If labor isn’t able to be as smooth of a process as possible due to challenges and then interventions, those also can prevent the baby from getting off to an optimal start.

Many kids are dealing with colic, digestive distress, separation anxiety and sleep disturbances. All of those reflect a nervous system that from conception has been in a fearful state.

When our body is in that stressed-out fearful state it doesn’t perform as well as it could or should and doesn’t allow for optimal performance or peak health. So we see a lot of babies with their nervous systems going haywire. It’s a sign that their body has been dealing with excessive stress.

The Value of Prenatal Chiropractic

The good news is that moms-to-be under chiropractic care can enjoy a healthy pregnancy that comes with having a nervous system that’s free of interference. Our care is safe and gentle throughout every stage of pregnancy. Moms-to-be with healthy nervous systems will likewise have babies whose nervous systems are operating as they should.

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