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How Drug-Free Chiropractic Care Can Ease Kids' Anxiety

mama-holding-babyNeurologically based and focused pediatric chiropractic is one of the most important things that a family can use, regardless of symptoms. This form of natural care is especially vital if we’re talking about kids dealing with anxiety or depression, or just an overwhelming sense of fear, or challenges in social situations—or just challenges with any of the basic things that kids should do, which is eat poop, sleep, and mostly be happy, healthy kids.

Our chiropractors are grateful to know that we have an action step that a family can take to help themselves and their children cope with the stress of the world, better adapt to the stress they’ve been through, and the stress that’s inevitably coming.

Getting to the Root vs Masking Symptoms

Given the “pill for every ill” society we live in, so many kids and teens are prescribed medication, such as anti-anxiety drugs or antidepressants. But many parents are looking for natural alternatives to these drugs that get to the root cause of mental health conditions, versus masking the symptoms.

“This is not a problem that we can just medicate ourselves out of. We have to take drastic action and help these families understand that there is something they can do that’s safe and easy that the whole family can engage in, not just the child,” said Dr. Joe.

He wants everyone to know that health comes from within their body; it’s not something that results from taking an outside-in bandage approach with medication.

Setting Kids up for Success Naturally

“I tell my team that if a mom or dad calls and is trying to make an appointment for their child, we have to act as if literally a life is at stake,” said Dr. Joe. That’s because he’s concerned that some kids, in an effort to maintain their good grades, will be tempted to take, for example, ADHD medication that wasn’t prescribed for them.

Dr. Joe would tell a young patient, “I love that you’re a great student and care about your grades. And also, it’s never worth putting a pill in your mouth, especially if a doctor didn’t prescribe it to you and understand your body. But it’s certainly not worth doing because of the risks that exist in our society today. These pills are not what they say they are and could be laced with something that could literally take your life away even if you have a quarter of it.”

What if, instead of taking a pill, the young person took this approach the day before a big test: they visited the chiropractor after school, ate a nutritious dinner, did some studying, turned off their devices and went to bed earlier to get a good night’s sleep.

Health Is a Daily Commitment

There are no cheat codes in this life. You can’t just take a pill and suddenly sleep better or focus better.

Our chiropractors want to help children understand that our health is a daily commitment. It’s not just something you do if you need to lose weight or have a deep episode of depression. Health is something that we nurture, and the more we nurture it, the better we can feel and adapt to the environment and the stresses of our situation.

Dr. Joe wants there to be an emphasis on the importance of kids getting enough exercise and eating well, and accessing chiropractic care or other natural therapies that address a child’s inborn ability to heal and adapt to stress. At our practice, we want to help optimize kids’ health, not wait until it’s broken.

Give Clear Chiropractic a call today to book an appointment. We want to help ease any anxiety your child is experiencing and promote maximum health.


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