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How to Keep Your Family Moving

Family movingWhen you think of the word “exercise,” what comes to mind?

Sweating it out during a mile-long run?

Pumping iron at a gym?

We like to recommend that families keep it simple when it comes to exercise. It should be something that’s fun for parents and children alike. Rather than thinking of it as something strenuous, consider that any movement qualifies as exercise.

If you as a parent find exercise overwhelming, it’s less likely your child will want to participate alongside you.

But what about keeping it fun?

Consider playing tag or a game of catch. Take a walk around the block to unwind at the end of the day.

It’s a great way to let the stress of the day go. When you move your body, your brain is activated, and stress can clear out.

That’s one of the reasons that children who tend to be hyper respond so well to adjustments. Moving the spine signals to the brain to enhance development, and it means the child can remain calm

You can use movement in the same beneficial ways.

When you log off your computer, and your child has had their final Zoom session, make a “Family Movement Time.” Go to a local park and run around , or take the dog out for a stroll.

If you’re looking for more of a workout, there are plenty of apps and YouTube videos that can guide you in family-style exercise routines. Any type of movement is going to help with stress relief for you, AND for your kids.

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