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Offering Gentle Chiropractic Care for All Ages

Chiropractor and family holding a babyMention chiropractic, and people may think of getting their back “cracked” or their neck twisted. You may have even seen or heard alarming videos on a popular video-sharing app that show forceful adjustments. The truth is, chiropractors can provide effective adjustments using light force techniques, which we offer here at Clear Chiropractic.

While there are some patients who prefer a manual style of adjustment that includes that cracking sound, we can provide very gentle adjustments with an instrument.

Here are some segments of our patient population that can benefit from our gentle care:


We love helping our prenatal patients enjoy a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. If you’re a mom-to-be, we can adjust you in whatever way you are comfortable. We even have pregnancy pillows available that will let you lie on your stomach. If you prefer, you can be adjusted facing up or seated. The techniques we use for pregnant patients are always low-force and specific.


Children don’t get adjusted the same way adults do. In caring for children, we have tools and techniques that don’t involve popping, twisting or cracking. The pressure needed to adjust a newborn, for example, is about the same as the pressure used to check the ripeness of an avocado.

For toddlers and older kids, they love getting adjusted with our little clicker tools (spring-loaded) adjusting instruments. They know the doctor does something with this clicker tool on their neck and back, which helps their body. Parents love witnessing the effects of chiropractic care on their children.

Customizable & Comfortable

If you’ve been to other practices and received cookie-cutter adjustments, that’s not the case here. “We don’t just use one technique in our office; we customize the technique, pulling from multiple techniques,” said Dr. Eva.

Whether we give a manual adjustment or instrument-assisted one, we want to ensure you’re comfortable the whole time. And your adjustment doesn’t just involve your spine. We’ll work on any area that needs attention, from head to toe.

Give our practice a call today to book an appointment for you and your family!

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