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Ready to Start Your Family?

Smiling couple on couchThe journey of motherhood starts well before pregnancy. Prior to conception, you want to make sure that your body is in the best possible shape to grow a baby. At Clear Chiropractic, we love seeing moms through their entire pregnancy journey!

We have plenty of families that seek our help before conception or while trying to conceive. There are plenty of reasons that you might want to think about chiropractic before pregnancy.

Think of the incredible physical and mental stress involved in getting pregnant. It’s a serious challenge to your nervous system! Chiropractic can make sure you’re set up for success by clearing, healing and recovering from injuries you may have been carrying with you for years or even decades.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

We like to use the analogy of having healthy, fertile soil. You want to make sure it’s ready to grow a healthy tomato plant. And when the tomato is ready, you want it to be tasty and juicy.

There’s plenty you can do to make the soil more fertile. Similarly, chiropractic sets up factors in your favor so that you not only conceive but have a healthy pregnancy carried to term.

Having chiropractic care early on in your pregnancy journey will balance your body. Your nervous system controls everything, including your hormones and body chemistry. It’s particularly important if you’ve been on hormonal birth control. You want to make sure everything in the body is regulated, and a balanced nervous system is key to that.

Get Your Body Up to Speed

Chiropractic will get you up to speed so that you can deal with the physical and emotional (not to mention ever-changing) obstacles involved in pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. Then, you’ll encounter a whole new set of challenges as the mother of a newborn!

The best time to start care is before conception. That way, your body will be more resilient; you will have cleared out stored stress and set up the optimal environment for your baby to thrive.

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