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The 4th Trimester: Embracing the Bond Between Mother and Baby

sister listening to new baby in momThe postpartum period, often often referred to as the fourth trimester, is crucial for mothers and their newborns. In this phase, both the mother and baby need to be close and connected on multiple levels.

“Mentally, emotionally, and physiologically, our little children are so dependent on us; they don’t recognize they’re a separate being, and we’re meant to be synced up with them,” said Dr. Eva.

There are many aspects of our culture that expect a baby to sleep through the night right away, or believe babies should self soothe just at weeks or months old.

Dr. Eva feels there is a lot of pressure for baby to be independent as quickly as possible, and that many moms feel abnormal if this is not the case for them.

The Importance of Closeness

It’s essential to understand that mom and baby have a biological imperative to be together in those first few months. The baby has a biological imperative to be helped by the mother, just as much as the mother has an emotional need to be with her baby, to be close, to snuggle, and to be skin to skin, and to smell each other’s smells.

“We regulate one another’s heartbeats and body temperature, and all the baby’s vitals—their breathing rate and respiration rate—are regulated by Mom and proximity to her chest and her body,” added Dr. Eva.

Nervous System Development

Understanding the biology behind the postpartum period helps us recognize the significance of this phase in the baby’s development of the nervous system. Just as a mother shapes her baby’s nervous system during pregnancy, her stress levels and the way her nervous system responds to the environment continue to influence her child after birth. That’s why it’s essential for the mother to be grounded and regulated herself to provide the same for her baby.

The Power of Postpartum Chiropractic Care

As birth is one of the most intense physical and emotional experiences women go through in life, we want to help new moms recover as quickly as possible. At Clear Chiropractic, we provide the postpartum care and attention you need.

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