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Why Summer Structure Is Good for Kids

baby sitting on adjusting tableNow that summer’s here and kids feel emancipated from homework, sports practice, extracurricular activities and more, they may feel compelled to do away with their routines.

While summer is one of those seasons where you can’t be “go, go, go” all the time, it’s also important that children keep those healthy routines and not put them on hiatus. Kids without a schedule or some structure likely will end up being bored, spend more time on screens, or start bickering with their siblings.

Why Kids Need Routine

Many kids handle change better if it’s expected and accompanied by a familiar routine. A regular routine gives your child a sense of security, and helps them develop self-discipline and control.

We encourage parents to be consistent with ensuring their kids maintain healthy eating habits, get good sleep, and enjoy fresh air and plenty of exercise so they can burn off their energy.

Here are some simple ways to build a summer routine your children will be excited about sticking to:

  • Start With a Healthy Breakfast
    One of the easiest ways to maintain a routine is to start the morning with a nourishing breakfast. Encourage your child to wake up and prepare for breakfast at about the same time every day.
    Keep healthy breakfast items on the menu all summer and year long. These include smoothies, Greek yogurt with berries, breakfast tacos, overnight oats and more. If your child is old enough, encourage them to make their own breakfast. It will give them something to do, and it’s fun!
  • Keep Some Organized Activities on the Calendar
    Whether it’s tennis lessons on Monday or a neighborhood book club on Fridays, participating in organized activities gives your child something to look forward to each week of the summer.
  • Stick to a Bedtime Routine
    Whenever possible, it’s important for your child to stick to a bedtime routine. It’s helpful for kids to go to bed at the same time each night and follow a bedtime routine, like reading a book before lights out. Be sure to limit screen time at least an hour before bed, as the blue light from digital devices can stimulate the brain.

Help Your Kids Stay Well Adjusted

Remember to bring your child in to get adjusted. When their nervous system is free of interference, they can express optimal health not only in the summer, but year round! Pediatric care is safe, effective and beneficial. Regular chiropractic care is an essential part of your child’s health and wellness routine.

Enjoy the summer with your children! Whether your kids want to go to the beach or park, run through the sprinkler or swim in the community pool, having active time outdoors should always have room in a summer schedule.


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