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Why Your Baby's Spine Should Be Checked

infant getting neck adjustmentWhen you’re expecting, you want your health to be at its highest level ever. And plenty of pregnant moms come to Clear Chiropractic, knowing that chiropractic is key to their healthy lifestyle.

But what about your baby?

The birth process is traumatic for your new infant, too. In fact, they can even begin to feel your stress while in utero, which will put their nervous system into a stressed state.

Having your baby assessed early will allow us to assess any imbalances in the nervous system. The most common area we find imbalances is in the upper neck. Even if your baby was properly positioned in the womb and you had a vaginal birth, there is still a tremendous amount of pressure on the baby’s neck.

If there was a vacuum extraction, forceps or C-section, that pressure is far greater. The goal of any birth is to get the baby out, which means they can be tugged and pulled into the world. You want to make sure that force doesn’t negatively affect your baby now and in the years to come.

What to Be On the Lookout For

There are definitely ways that your baby will let you know they need some help. Fussiness and crying is the most common – it’s your baby’s sole way of communicating that something feels off. Typically, these babies get labeled as cocky.

Your infant may also have digestive issues like trouble pooping or spitting up excessively. If you notice something out of the ordinary, chances are good they could benefit from getting a checkup.

Your Baby’s Complimentary Visit

We’re proud to offer a complimentary “Welcome to the World” visit to your newborn. Contact our team now to schedule your baby’s first checkup!

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