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Yes, Kids Are Resilient ....But...

Dr Eva with young boy patient in treatment roomThanks to COVID-19, our world has completely transformed. Family life has developed into something completely new, with many parents having their children remain home rather than going to school.

At Clear Chiropractic, we’ve seen its effects on children in some pretty profound ways. Kids are spending hours hunched over a laptop, cell phone or tablet. They’re on Zoom for a pretty large amount of time each day.

The New Challenges of Stay-At-Home Learning

When children were attending school regularly, it would mean periodic breaks between changing classrooms. There was time for play, recess and lunch. And these aren’t only physical breaks – they’re mental, too!

Children are unsure of when life will return to normal, and that’s pretty scary for a kid. When will they see their friends again? Their teacher? Due to all this pressure, some children are regressing. They may have been fine or even thriving pre-pandemic. Today, they’re experiencing sleep challenges, can’t focus or have anxiety.

What We Can Do

We recognize that each child is unique, including in the ways that they struggle and need corresponding support. Our chiropractic care is designed to make sure the nervous system functions at its highest potential. It’s not about being in pain; rather, it’s making sure that your nervous system can cope with the many stresses of life. Right now, our kids are under more stress than ever, and we can make sure they’re able to release it.

Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about what we do!

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