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How often Should I Bring My Child to the Chiropractor?

Our chiropractor with some children patients

To help get your child off to the healthiest start in life, we recommend you bring your newborn in to get checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth. Doing so can remove interference in their nervous system due to the birth process. After that, many parents wonder how often they should bring their child in for chiropractic care. The short answer is it depends.

To determine the frequency of a child’s care, we look at these factors:

Severity of Symptoms

If your child experiences an occasional episode of bed-wetting or fussiness, for example, we may not need to see them often. However, if they experience those issues frequently or others, such as colic, ear infections or acid reflux, then we will need to see them more frequently than a child coming in for wellness care.

The Impact on Family Life

If your baby cries nonstop, that’s going to affect every member of the family’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. We want to nip that sleep disruption in the bud so Baby can slumber soundly as can the rest of your family.

A Shorter Care Plan but More Frequent Visits

The bottom line is your baby may have a shorter care plan, but one that includes greater frequency in a condensed time frame. It’s not that kids need less care than adults, but typically require a briefer duration of care.

The Value of Maintenance & Milestone Care

You likely visit the dentist twice a year for a checkup and cleaning to keep your teeth in tip-top condition rather than waiting for decay to set it. Likewise, we recommend regular children’s chiropractic care to help keep kids’ bodies healthy.

Another analogy we often share is this: it’s much easier to keep your kitchen clean if you clean it on a frequent basis versus waiting for several months before you do a deep clean—which will take much longer.

We also encourage parents to bring their children in for wellness checkups when they hit each developmental milestone, like lifting their head, crawling, walking, etc.

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