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The Calming Effects of Chiropractic on Kids

Child laying face down on a chiropractic adjusting tableIs the gas pedal always on with your child? Do they seem to be in constant fight-or-flight mode as if they’re running away from a bear or tiger? During the formative years already their physiology is thinking that it needs to run away from a bear or protect itself from a tiger.
That’s no way to start your life and it’s certainly something that tends to be grown into and not grown out of. It can be deeper and more hardwired into neurology. All of a sudden a child only wants to cling to Mom and has social anxiety. That child may have some behavioral challenges and then get labels and medications.

The formative early hours, days and weeks play a huge role in that child’s life outcomes. Think of all the ways your body system would shut down or your body would deprioritize if you were running away from a bear. Think digestion if a baby is constipated or having reflux spitting up excessively or having lots of hiccups and gas. Think that that digestive system is a function of that rest and digest.

The Big Three: Eating, Pooping and Sleeping

At Clear Chiropractic, the big three we look for to ensure the nervous system is healthy are eating, pooping and sleeping. If the nervous system is out of balance, issues with those three will manifest.

The good news is parents who bring their kids to us often see improvements once their kids are under care. After we work with their babies and have done our assessment and determined that the baby is in fight or flight and their nervous system is exhibiting signs of stress and imbalance (can determine by doing safe and gentle thermal scans) we get great results.

Parents most often will report things like improvements in their babies’ sleep. One infant that we cared for hadn’t slept more than two hours a night before receiving chiropractic care. That baby is now sleeping for about 4-5 hours a night.

So problems with eating, pooping and sleeping are the ones that we want to heal first.

It’s Easier to Grow Healthy Kids

You may have heard the expression that it’s easier to grow healthy kids than fix sick adults. Naturally, we agree. When children get under regular chiropractic care issues are easier to address and can be corrected much quicker than an adult.

Some kids need a lot of support but it is always better to do it sooner than later. If a baby is colicky and fussy and impacts Mom and Dad’s quality of life, we often will have the baby come in more frequently than the parent because of the severity of symptoms. We want to find out how severe are the symptoms and how those are impacting the life of the family.

If it’s an issue of a baby not sleeping, you will want to get that addressed as quickly as possible. Typically we find that a baby has a shorter care plan but we’re seeing them quite frequently but over a shorter period of time because they haven’t had their issues for a long time. Parents will usually have a longer, more spread-out care plan, especially during pregnancy to ensure your body is also ready for your baby’s arrival.

We want to help your child experience the calming and health-promoting effects of chiropractic care. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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